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Why Magnesium? Magnesium performs countless beneficial processes within the body. Known as the "miracle mineral" it offers stellar cellular support, helps to ease stress, pain, and fatigue, soothes muscles, calms inflammation, improves circulation, and nourishes skin.

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and wellness products with simple, non-toxic ingredients made in the heartland of America. Our products are centered around natural pure ingredients. No long lists of fillers. No disclaimers. No harmful preservatives. The best part - when applied to the skin they do exactly what they were intended to do. Now that's wellness from the outside in!

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We are dedicated to providing an opportunity for women to make a difference in their lives by creating a business sharing healthy products they believe in. This honest, personal approach extends from our founder, Nancy Bogart. She curates each product and works tirelessly to build an inclusive community of family and friends.

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"From the day I started the company in 2000, I dreamed of a mission and purpose larger than myself. I was driven by my desire to help busy women earn an income while fulfilling other priorities in their lives. I leaned on my roots and made my first product – a Lotion Bar. What unfolded was beyond anything I could’ve imagined."


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